Why all musicians should network on social media


Recently I had a trip to Miami for work... hard life I know. While I was there I saw a friend from the music world that I’ve known for about a year (hi Lisa). The thing is, this was the first time we’d actually met in person!


I’d got to know Lisa from working with a music company called iCadenza, and I’d got to know them after connecting on, yes you guessed it, social media!


The thing is, this isn’t a one off! I’ve met some amazing people, joined podcasts, been on blogs, connected to journalists, written articles, got work and even learned a thing or two, all from typing away on my phone.


Here are 6 reasons why all musicians should be networking on social media...



1 – You can get coverage for your projects and yourself


Let’s face it, if you’re a musician, you’ll be putting on concerts, or doing stuff etc and you’ll kind of want people to turn up. One thing I think it’s easy to forget is this…


“What I am doing is interesting and of interest to people”


Yup, you’re interesting. Deal with it.


If you’re wanting coverage about what you’re currently doing, there’s bound to be someone interested in what you’re doing who would love to feature you. Whether it’s blogs, podcasts, magazines, papers, radio stations, and even TV, you can find people on social media who would love to chat to you about you and what you’re doing.


You might feel like pestering, but in reality you’re doing them a favour. It can take them so long to find someone to interview, but if you’re approaching them you’re saving them time and showing you’re engaging and interesting. Go on, give it a crack.



2 – You can find work


 Story time. I needed a violin tutor for my youth orchestra Yorkshire Young Sinfonia. I’d run out of people in my normal little black book of contacts. However, I had just connected with someone on social media… the amazing Esther Abrami. Fast forward, and Esther was our violin coach that summer, and soloist the following year.


If you look at this from Esther’s side. After making a connection on social media, she was offered paid work, which then became more work over time. WIN.


3 – When you connect, you showcase yourself


Following on with the story… as well as obviously having the connection, I was able to decide to employ Esther for work as I could scroll down and see her playing, performing and coaching, and make a decision on whether or not to book her in seconds.


For you, if you use your social media to showcase you and your work, this will make approaching people and connecting to them so much easier. Your profiles are showcases, and you can curate them to play to your strengths and passions.


If I get an email with links in, it takes time for me to click on them, come out of my emails onto a website which I wasn’t planning on doing, and then I have to engage with that. Whereas if I’m on twitter or Instagram, I can tap on their profile and in under a second be scrolling through and getting to know more about them without having to change apps or what I was doing.


4 – You can find people incredible people easily


One of my favourite things about networking on social media is just how easy it is to find people. Whether it’s looking through hashtags that resonate with you, or looking through recommended profiles, you’re bound to find people with similar musical interests to you.


On top of that, if you have someone in mind you want to find, it is so easy to find them. Type their name in… maybe their organisation or the word “music” if they have a common name (like David Taylor for example… hmm)… and they’ll pop up in no time.


As an extra bonus, you can then scroll through their content to see what they’re up to, their interests, and their music!



5 – You can get right to the person


Emails are great and everything… but they are cluttered. Also, it’s likely that people now have emails only on their work phone or even just on a computer. On top of that, if you want to message someone big and important you may well get their PA.


However, it’s likely that people will have their phone on their pocket, waiting for you to message them! And the best bit, there is nothing stopping you!



6 – People are nice


I’ve been networking across as many platforms as possible for a while now (yep, I’m one of those weirdos). One thing has continued to strike me about networking on social media… people are so nice when you reach out. Genuinely!


Yes social media has a reputation for trolling etc, but when reaching out to people I have had nothing but good experiences, and so much more positive than email.


This may be because people assume emails are “work” and can be a bit frosty, where as social media feels more like chatting to a friend straight away.


I continue to be amazed at just how friendly and nice the people I connect with can be.


Anyway, ramblings over, I hope this is all useful. I’ve had a great time networking through social media with people on social media. If you’re wanting to give it a go but you’re a bit nervous about getting started and want to practise, feel free to reach out to me as a test dummy for your networking!


PS - Particular shout outs for people I’ve connecting with... everyone at iCadenzaTracy Friedlander at Crushing ClassicalNick Žekulin at National Youth Orchestra of Scotland and Esther Abrami

David Taylor