5 classical music podcasts you need to be listening to

Whether you’re looking to hear interesting stories about your favourite artists, learn about composers and their works, find out tips on how to tackle performance nerves, or get some career advice, here are 5 classical music podcasts you need to be listening to…


Thoroughly Good Podcast


The Thoroughly Good Podcast follows Jon Jacob’s conversations with artists, composers, managers and administrators, as well as his own thoughts and feelings on the world of classical music (and also Eurovision).

Episodes to listen out for are with the Association of British Orchestras director Mark Pemberton, composer Anna Meredith, and the joint chat with pianists Christina McMaster and Tom Poster.

Always refreshing, honest… and thoroughly good.

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Crushing Classical


If you’re looking at getting to know more about musicians’ careers, as well as finding out how you can crush your own music career, then this is the pod for you!

Tracy Friedlander chats to an insane range of musicians about their lives and careers, as well as fireside chats with her friend Eileen Gordon about the challenges of a music career and business.

Episodes to listen out for are with Chloe Trevor, That Viola Kid and TwoSet Violin.

Contains some good brutal honesty and the odd swear 😉

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BBC Young Musician Podcast

Previous BBC Young Musician of the Year finalist hosts a podcast about young musicians, for young musicians.

Covering topics ranging from nerves, stage presence and how to stay motivated to practise, Jess is joined by a different guest every week.

Episodes to watch out for are “Memorising Music” and “Stage Fright”.

Even though it’s aimed at young musicians, this podcast is 100% for everyone.

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The Entrepreneurial Musician


With a heavy focus on careers, Andrew Hitz talks to a huge range of musicians about their journeys and how they succeeded in music (and also when they failed.)

The Entrepreneurial Musician (or TEM) is incredibly enjoyable and comes with a TON of show notes as an added bonus. Just the thing you need to give your music career a boost.

Episodes to listen out for… actually I’m only telling you one episode because it’s especially amazing. TEM 77 with David Cutler… listen to it… now... I’ll wait.

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Creative Careers Podcast - iCadenza


Another careers pod and with good reason. The team from iCadenza chat to some of the big hitters in the creative world, you get to chance to hear the stories from some of those at the top of the professional, as well as those who you may not have heard of but are making some serious waves and carving their own path.


Not just about careers, you also get to find out about the stories and passions of leading musicians.


Episodes to listen out for are Sir Simon Rattle, Eric Whitacre and Chrysanthe Tan.


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